9mm – 165 gr TMC Subsonic STELTH – Ammo Inc (9165TMC-STL) – 1000 Rounds


  • Quantity – 1000 Rounds (20 Boxes of 50 Rounds)
  • Manufacturer – Ammo Inc stelTH
  • Bullet – 165 Grain TMC (Total Metal Coating)
  • Casing – New Boxer-Primed Brass

The stelTH 9mm 165gr TMC (Total Metal Coating) combines patented hyperclean technology, precise standards, and partnership with premier suppressor manufacturers. The stelTH line was built with both decibel reduction and cleanliness in mind from the start. So, whether you’re doing tactical training, a predator night hunt, or a covert operation, stelTH is the way to go.

Do you own a 9mm pistol or a long gun with a suppressor? Then you should look into Ammo Inc.’s stelTH ammo. It’s designed exclusively for suppressed weapons, facilitating cleaner and quieter operation.

The powder of a stelTH round has been specifically processed to minimize the accumulation of propellant residue. It also has a complete metal jacket projectile, which prevents propellant vapors from scavenging any of the lead on the bottom of the core. A bullet that doesn’t leave any lead residue in the bore will keep the suppressor’s baffles cleaned and retain the barrel’s capacity to offer stability.

At 165 grains, the TMJ bullet is very hefty. That’s why the muzzle velocity of this ammunition out of a handgun barrel is just roughly 800 fps, much too slow to produce a loud sonic boom. When there is less noise to suppress, a suppressor becomes more effective!

Ammo Inc. loads its stelTH 9mm ammo in the United States using premium components and strict quality controls. You’ll be able to spend more time admiring your suppressor and less time cleaning it if you order the entire case.

The “/stelTH/” series of ammunition from Ammo Incorporated is designed to work with suppressors. The 165 grain bullet in this 9mm cartridge is hefty for its caliber, but its weight and subsonic 800 fps muzzle velocity out of a 4″ test barrel aren’t the only reasons why it’s an excellent choice for your stealth weapon. The Hyperclean Technology of stelTH is featured in this 9mm round.

Its propellant is designed to burn fully and leave very little residue, ensuring that your suppressor’s baffles don’t become clogged with crud and lose their effectiveness.

The bullet also has a “complete metal coating,” which implies that, unlike an FMJ, it has a thin film of copper alloy encapsulating its base. This prevents any component of the bullet’s core from evaporating during ignition, resulting in substantially less fouling.

Ammo Caliber

9mm Luger (9×19)

Bullet Type


Bullet Weight

165 Grain






Ammo Inc

Manufacturer SKU







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