Beretta TYPHOON Muzzle Brake 1/2X28 9mm


Beretta TYPHOON Muzzle Brake 1/2X28 9mm

The Beretta Typhoon Muzzle Brake is specifically designed for 9MM Pistols and Carbines.

The brake is CNC Machined from Solid Steel, treated and and then coated for durability and easy maintenance. It’s threaded with a standard 1/2×28 pitch for most applications in this caliber.

The brake comes in a plastic bag, timing shims can be sourced from Brownells or any gunsmith supply source.
We suggest an experienced gunsmith install the brake and time it just right, however user installation is possible. Please remember to follow all gun safety rules when working on firearms as safety is our first concern.
Fits on 92 series, APX series, M9_22 and M9A1_22.


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