Colt Last Cowboy 45 Colt Single-Action Army


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Colt Last Cowboy 45 Colt Single-Action Army 

The heroic, hard-working, hard-riding cowboy is inseparable from American history. The late 1900s were tough times for cowboys, ranchers, farmers, and anyone working with the land in the U.S. Changing modes of food distribution and production, widespread urbanization, and severe economic difficulties forced many cowboys to sell their land, go bankrupt, change professions, or take out large loans. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 21st-century cowboys numbered 9,730 workers, making an average of $19, 340 per year, working in ranches, stockyards, and rodeos. About one-third of these workers were listed in the subcategory of “spectator sports”, making their living primarily at rodeos, circuses, and theatrical venues as livestock handlers. Despite decades of socioeconomic change, most cowboys don’t have health insurance – and they don’t retire. Times might be changing, but as a symbol of persistence, self-sufficiency, and a hard work ethic, cowboys live on. The Colt Last Cowboy Single Action Army is a royal blue and color case 4.75″, 45LC caliber revolver with a 24 kt barrel and cylinder bands. On the backstrap is a 24-kt Last Cowboy. The grips are fancy oiled walnut, and these revolvers feature special factory serial numbers. One of 300.


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