Ruger LC9s Semi-Auto Pistol


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Cartridge or Gauge:::::9mm
Model Number:::::3270
Barrel Length:::::3.12″
Round Capacity::::::7 1
Gun Weight:::::17.2 oz.

Ruger LC9s Semi-Auto Pistol

The Ruger® LC9s® Semi-Auto Pistol is a simple and instinctive pistol that utilizes a striker-fired mechanism with a short, light trigger pull. Integrated trigger safety and a manual thumb safety offer intuitive manipulation for safe handling, while a magazine disconnect and a loaded chamber indicator offer additional safety features, nearly eliminating the risk of an accidental discharge. The pistol’s frame is constructed with glass-filled nylon with an aluminum insert, and the grip is checkered for a solid, non-slip hold and improved control. The slide is made from hardened alloy steel and boasts a slim, sleek profile for deep concealment. HiViz® fiber-optic sights deliver rapid, intuitive target acquisition in virtually any lighting. The lightweight, compact design of the Ruger LC9s and its superior reliability make it an ideal semi-auto pistol for concealed carry. The Ruger LC9s use all existing LC9® accessories including lasers, holsters, and extended 9-round magazines. Made in USA.

  • Striker-fired design
  • Short, crisp trigger pull
  • Integrated trigger safety
  • Manual thumb safety
  • Magazine disconnect
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Glass-filled nylon frame
  • Hardened alloy steel slide
  • HiViz fiber-optic sights
  • Compatible with all LC9 accessories

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