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Cartridge or Gauge::::9mm
Finish::::::Black Oxide Finish
Model Number::::3500
Barrel Length::::3.2″
Round Capacity::::12 1
Gun Weight:::::18.3 oz.

Ruger MAX-9 Semi-Auto Pistol

The Ruger┬« MAX-9 Semi-Auto Pistol is the ultimate concealed-carry, striker-fired pistol, complete with a rugged, yet lightweight frame, textured grip, and a tritium fiber optic sight with a drift-adjustable rear sight. The slim, lightweight frame ensures minimal printing and deep concealment, while still providing an impressive capacity with 2 E-nickel PTFE┬«-coated magazines. The hardened alloy steel slide is fitted to a precision-machined fire control chassis and a glass-reinforced nylon frame. The medium textured grip offers a comfortable, non-slip grip, and the smooth trigger offers a consistent, clean break and a positive reset. The tritium fiber optic day/night front sight and the drift-adjustable rear sight deliver intuitive target acquisition in any lighting, while the optics-ready slide cut readily accepts JPoint™ and Shield-pattern micro red dot sights. The cold hammer-forged, 3.2″ barrel is finished with a durable black oxide finish for superior corrosion resistance. Also features an external manual safety, a loaded chamber indicator, coupled with an integrated trigger safety, and an internal striker blocker that offers enhanced safety and helps protect against accidental discharges.

  • Rugged, yet lightweight glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Hardened alloy steel slide
  • Precision-machined fire control chassis
  • Medium textured grip
  • Smooth trigger with a positive reset
  • Tritium fiber optic day/night front sight
  • Drift-adjustable rear sight
  • Optics-ready slide cut
  • Compatible with JPoint and Shield-pattern micro red dot sights
  • Cold hammer-forged, 3.2″ barrel
  • Durable black oxide finish
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Integrated trigger safety
  • External manual safety
  • Internal striker blocker

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